svs fishing

nic lattanzio

March 12, 2018

segment one is a not so indepth recap of the muskie maxx fishing show.  chad let his buddy don hanging. we got to meet joel alsdorf in person.  and segment 1 was brought to you buy the one step looper


nic calls in and and tells us how he fell into the trap of this musky on the fly thing.   he tells us about all of the flies that he's been tying.  Nic really gets into telling the story of his chapeter 50 muskie inc's sucess story with their musky stocking program.  nic tells us about not wantinging to learn to row infront of riverside memorials


segment three falls off of the rails when jace breaks down the the intricacies of fishing beads with a pin rod for great lakes steelhead.  pinning at the delayed harvest, lighting farts, and the muskie maxx smelling like a condom factory is how the show ends

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