svs fishing

Austin Green

March 25, 2018

segement 1: we do a quick wrap up of our week fishing.  jace slayed steel with a pin, jay took his dad to catch a pike with a husky jerk, mark took slater fishing and they both got skunked, chad didn't even bother going out.

segment 2: Austin Green called in and went in depth into everything from guiding to taking pictures of flies at Lefty kreh's tie fest.  Austin really got in depth about the making of pursuing esox.  he really tells us how he goes to great lengths to keep the fish's well being at the fore front of his photo's and video's.  there's also a hidden gem about a letort ant in here.  

segment 3: we do a quick wrap of jay forgetting his net, chad going to a ninja warrior complex, and mark and jace actually talking about fishing

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